Chris P.

Software Engineer.


[ Online ]$ I cast spells to make things appear on a screen.

[ Offline ]$ Outside tending to my birds.

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Some of My Projects

[]:Some of my projects

Pot Hole Locator
Pot Hole Locator Logo

A Pothole tracking app for the city of Philadelphia. Built in Vue.js and Spring Boot.

Survey Form

A CLI Venmo-like application allowing users to sign in and send 'TE bucks'. Built with Spring Boot.

Ovum Doula Care
Landing Page

Landing Page for Ovum Doula Care, a Philly-based doula providing prenatal and postpartum care. Built using Gridsome and TailwindCSS.

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Documenation Page
Documentation Page

My own CSS notes turned into a man-style page

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Survey Form
Survey Form

An online survey form styled as a phishing scam from 2009.

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Tribute Page
Tribute Page

Informational page on Teddy Roosevelt

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